Which title should I chose?

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Hi all, I hope someone here can help me :)

I've been working as an accounts assistant/office manager for the past three years but I'm about to get a new role with the same company, working in accounting full time, and I've been tasked with writing up the job description and come up with an appropriate job title (as its a brand new role), but I'm a little confused as to what that title could be.

In my new role I will be doing sales ledger, purchase ledger, deal with expenses, company credit card, petty cash, managing the job forecasting (making sure everything gets invoiced on time), posting payments in cashbook, dealing with payslips and doing any ad hoc accounting tasks (like helping out with tax return etc) required by our Accountant (who's only in once a week) as well as being the main point of contact for suppliers and clients in regards to invoices etc.

I've been googling about but I haven't been able to find a satisfactory title that I feel covers all of the above, can anyone here help me?


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    How does 'Head of Finance' sound?
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    In the public sector I know Assistant Accountants who do less, well more in some areas and less hands on transactional stuff. Also Senior Accounting Technicians, who may start on the transactional as Accounting Techs but as they progress get more involved in the general ledger and budgetting. Both part/fully qualified AAT
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