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It seems these types of discussions get posted a lot on here so apologies for being another one!

I should have my AAT Level 2 finished by early next year and I want to start speculatively sending my CV and cover letter to accountants. What are the best things to highlight on a CV for entry level roles? Have people got positive responses from speculatively sending out CVs? I'm thinking of sending it in the post instead of emailing it as I want to stand out.

A bit of a background on me. I've just turned 26 and have been working in recruitment for 3 years, prior to this I gained a 1st in film at university and did get a job with a post production company in London. I did a year there however the career prospects and money wasn't great so decided to find something completely different.

Recruitment has been good in terms of the money as I have been able to get my own place and a car etc however I'm really not enjoying it anymore. I have family members who do accounting and after thinking about it for a while I decided to start studying AAT Level 2 in my own time and have been enjoying.

I have a varied background I know, I guess I haven't really thought about what career I want until now so I'm hoping the accountancy works out.

I have seen on here people suggesting volunteering, I could do this over the weekend.


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    Hi Simon, I've been studying since September 2014 completed level 3 this week. I am and have been working full-time (as an administrator for the NHS) and studying part-time, going to college 2 evenings per week most weeks. And when not at college I've been revising. ***I'm not advertising this website but most of the accountancy jobs I've found are through an agency*** I have been sending my CV to roles on the reed website and finally after 3 months got an administration role for a finance team, helping the credit controllers etc.

    It's tough when most companies want experienced finance/accountancy staff to get your foot in the door. I see a lot of posters from AAT saying "get a career" but even when you study and pass levels 3/4 there is no guarantee of getting a job at the end of it.

    But I wish you all the best in your studies. I hope it open doors for you but just know it takes some perseverance to find a door that will open :)
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    You already have an advantage being in recruitment, it may be worth asking if there is a possiblity of you doing some accounts work at the place you already work.
    Most accounts jobs are done through recruitment companies ie - Hays, Reed, Micheal Page etc.
    I would be inclined to have a word with other members in your profession who may be able to put you in touch with the right type of agency.
    I would leave your weekends to study.

    Good luck
  • SimonG
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    thanks for the reply backs
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