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I'm currently doing AAT level 2 Sage One through Home Learning college

From looking online I can see that there are solely bookkeeping courses, payroll courses, software courses like sage line 50 etc

I'm guessing that doing AAT level 2 - 4 gives you good knowledge covering all the topics, should I just do the AAT level 2 - 4? Or should I do AAT level 2 - 4 and do these extra courses?

After level 2 I am going to start sending my CV out to practices and applying for roles online.



  • amurray
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    Hi SimonG,

    I'd say you're certainly on the right track by starting with AAT Level 2, this gives you a foundation in Accounting, progressing onto Level 3 which is the intermediate level, finishing with Level 4 which is the advanced level. Each level steps up the complex issues that arise within accounting and teaches you to process, handle and control the situations.

    I did the same as you, started Level 2, did a few exams and then got my CV out to various companies within the local area. I'd say use some local recruitment agencies too, showing you're a distance learner (self-studying) on your CV is quite a commitment to your chosen career and will open doors.

    Cheers :)
    Completed AAT in March 2020
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