Personal Tax Course

mralex08 Registered Posts: 9

I am planning to take the exam for personal tax without doing the course as I have heard it is quite an easy course and isn't much different from business tax and since I have already got the resources for it, I feel it would be quicker for me to take the exam without attending the taught course.

Would anyone advise against doing this? For example is there any part of it that students find tricky that needs to be specificly focused on.



  • wabisabi
    wabisabi Registered Posts: 130 ? ? ?

    I would read some of the other comments on here about this exam. I found it to be the trickiest L4 exam and least like the practice assessments (though I did pass first time). The content isn't difficult but the main issue for me was lack of time and the amount of computations required for trivial amounts of marks.

    there's a little bit of overlap with BTAX, but I found the BTAX exam a lot easier.

    Good luck!
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