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ChrisJ30ChrisJ30 Just JoinedCambridgeMAAT Posts: 93
I want to start by saying I'm in no way criticizing AATs decision. I'm starting level 4 and hope to finish by March 2017. I notice for instance there is now 10 exams for level 2. It concerns me that many people like me who self-funded their AAT exams, college etc will have to pay even more if they want to get AAT qualified. As a sidenote it appears WEAF will be like PEAF.


  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    edited January 2016
    I hadn't noticed that, but have only read what came in the post the other day, and was more concerned with having A-B-C grades for level 4 (assuming I pass level 3 and start this in Sep.16) and no grades for earlier levels which I didn't mind. Considering level 4 requires a lot more home study time (and I know people who needed to resit some of it) I don't expect it will be as straightforward
  • ChrisJ30ChrisJ30 Just Joined CambridgeMAAT Posts: 93
    What concerns me the most is the synoptic assessment (which can only be sat at certain times in the year). Where as in the other levels I have learnt a module, taken the test and moved on we will now have to retain all that knowledge and at level 4 that might be very challenging.
  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    I've been doing it spread over the academic year so might not affect me as much (unless I need to do resits). In some respects they are making it more like a degree. Seems unfair that some people have previously got through AAT with a lot easier exam.
  • cooldogcooldog SussexRegistered Posts: 20
    Adele69 said:

    Seems unfair that some people have previously got through AAT with a lot easier exam.

    That's life, things change for better or worse, personally I think its unfair that I will have to work into my 70's before I reach state pension age, by which time there probably won't be a state pension. Or the fact house prices are way too expensive for me to afford (here in the South East anyway) but generations of people before me have their own home.

    I have almost finished Level 4 and it has not been easy by any stretch.
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