Training provider VS Self Study AAT Level 4

I have completed my level 2 and 3 AAT Accounting qualifications via training provider - so far i have passed every exam first time, and although i attended most of the lessons, i do feel that i put a lot of independent effort into the completion of these. I have just started on level 4 and i have taken this route as an apprentice, i received my competent mark for my first unit on this level mid December, and about 85% of the work i put into passing this exam was outside of college, using my own research and materials, as well as obviously the AAT website.

I have just been offered another job, where i will no longer be working as an apprentice, that i have accepted. However, this employer will not be paying for me to carry on with my studies at college. I will need to pay for this myself - so i am just looking for some help with my decision as how i can go about studying Level 4 and what would be my best option etc.

If anyone has any information, advice or links that they think would help, or how they went about studying and what provider they used, this could really help.

Thank you!


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    It sounds like you're a very independent learner and would be wasting your money and time studying with provider that expects you to turn up in class for hours every week.

    I did L2 at college, L3 by self study (no provider) and L4 with Eagle. It's definitely possible to do it without a provider but you do need one for the ICAS report. My logic in going with Eagle was that since I had to spend £250 - 300 for ICAS (including the case study) I might as well spend a little bit more and get support for all the units (worked out at about £80 - 90 per unit).

    Alternatively you could just keep going by yourself as you already have one exam in the bag, use the money you are saving on training providers to buy all the available textbooks (Osborne, BPP, Kaplan) so you get a good spread of exercises / practice, and see how you get on.

    Good luck!

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