Professional Ethics - How to retain information?

AngelDust Registered Posts: 30
Ugh, I had my PETH exam today and of all the exams to date it was the most difficult. They're basically expecting you to retain the information of an entire book in your head!

I'm perfectly fine with the 'main' topics but beware, they throw in a lot of spanners so you really need to know your stuff.

Does anyone have any tips to pass this? Anyone know what the re-sit process is? I'm a self-studier.

Thanks all!


  • kelsmick
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    When i did mine i found it quite difficult, i went through all the questions first then just spend the remaining time going back over and adding extra information in. I do agree it is alot to remember! I was really surprised when i passed mine first time. Good luck, hopefully you will of passed.
  • Adele69
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    I thought the book (using BPP this year) wasn't laid out very well, and relied on you finding ways to memorise a lot of key information, so I went through my notes and tried to compress so many pages onto one whiteboard with the Principles, Threats (and Risks), Safeguards, summary of the relevant Laws, Sustainable Development, the FRC structure, and CCAB structure. Not a lot of white space left!

    Principles > OPPIC
    Objectivity, Prof. Behaviour, Prof. Comp & Due Care, Integrity, Confidentiality

    Threats > ASSIF
    Advocacy, Self Interest, Self Review, Intimidation, Familiarity

    Threat Indicators > FULLSTOP
    Friends/Family, Undue Fee Dependency, Litigation, Loans, Shares in Client, Taking Gifts, Overdue Fees, Provision of other services

    Safeguards >> Identify, Evaluate, Reduce, (Decline)

    I also watched anything I could find online on PETH, since there really wasn't much on the AAT Study Resources, considering this is a difficult paper.

  • AngelDust
    AngelDust Registered Posts: 30
    Thanks guys, to my surprise I passed! I left a question blank which I have never done before so I was really apprehensive but it's over now thankfully.

    Goodluck to anybody else doing this unit!
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