My client has hired me as his new bookkeeper but has not told his old bookkeeper yet that I will be replacing her. She has moved to a different county a year ago and my client has used her still until present. But because my client is not anymore happy with her (for some reasons..e.g. late VAT returns, etc.) he wants me to takeover. Now, I don't know what's the reason why my client has not told her yet, that's between them two.

The problem is, I can't fully do my job because I don't have the updated data (on SAGE) and the PAYE log in details, etc. I have the access to VAT returns but not the rest. My client also requested to send the latest back up data but she said she has send it to the Accountant. I spoke to the Accountant but she said she hasn't received the back up. So it is a bit hopeless really....waiting and waiting for this back up.

I was even thinking of enrolling my client a new PAYE service but he had already a PAYE reference. Will this be a good idea or is this even possible if he already had a PAYE reference? Can my client ask the HMRC the log in details if he doesn't want his old bookkeeper to know?

Can anyone share their thoughts what would be the best solution for this present dilemma?



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    As mrme89 says do not apply for a new PAYE number.

    If the client is up to date with payments to that bookkeeper then the bookkeeping and payroll workings actually belong to the client. That bookkeeper does not have to send them to an accountant. Maybe ask the client if you can approach the old bookkeeper to see if you can make progress.

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