24+ Advanced learning loans

Does anybody know if any major distance learning providers like eagle or premier accept these cant find anything online have contacted both but not heard back yet any info would be greatly appreciated thanks


  • KoopaCooper
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    I too would like to know more about this kind of thing.

    The training provider where I want to take my level 4 diploma (UK College of Business and Computing, a private college afaik) says they don't do 24+ adult learning loans, but when I rang the SLC and asked if I would be able to get a loan from them to cover the level 4 at that college, they said it would be fine, and that most colleges' finance departments rarely have a clue what they're talking about.

    Should I just ring up the SLC again, apply for the loan, and wait to see if my application is accepted and go from there? Or should I go and talk to the college again?
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  • JoshJ1992
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    Hi Aran88 and KoopaCooper,

    I would talk to your training providers. When I completed my induction session, I got information about the 24+ loans and was given some further details of how to apply, who to ask etc.
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