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FoxAccountancyServicesFoxAccountancyServices Just JoinedManchesterRegistered Posts: 9
Hi everyone! I set up my account a while back but never really used it! I'd like to change that! Would anyone be willing to give me a little advice for using the forum on my mobile? I just answered a post that was top of the list.... But I think it might have been created in 2012! How does one see the latests posts?

Thanks so much :)

Edit... Maybe I went into a forum that no one posts in! FMAAT premium!


  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonFMAAT Posts: 1,022
    Hi @FoxAccountancyServices ,

    And welcome!

    There is a category for 'Recent discussions' on the left hand side of the page on the pc. On my phone it is in the menu bit top left hand corner of forum home page. This has got the most recently commented on discussions- not necessarily new ones but the ones that have had input most recently!

    Have fun!

    B x
  • FoxAccountancyServicesFoxAccountancyServices Just Joined ManchesterRegistered Posts: 9
    Thank you so much, Becca! X
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