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Hi guys,

Apologies in advance for any kind of mistakes, but English is my second language. I do my best. :)
I'm italian and I'm living in London for a year now. I already have a Dipoloma in "Accountancy", taken in Italy, with some years of experience as a bookkeeper but, dispite this, I'm finding very hard to find a position in my field because my qualification is not officially recognised (obviously..) and everyone require me UK experience in the field (that I don't have because I can't find anyone that give me the chance to build my experience).

Anyway.. At the end, I was thinking to take the AAT qualification, starting from Level 3, self-studying, because I can't afford to follow any classes or distance learning courses beause they are too expensive.
So, I'd ask you from your experience some questions, I tryed to have a look in the previous topic but I'd like to hear something "new":

- Which books do you use to study? Kaplan or Osborne?
- For people living in London: any advice to choose the Training provider? (Economically talking..)
- How many units Computer Based should I buy by a Training Provider? 1 for Level 3 and 1 for Level 4?
- Work experience. How did you find someone that has given you a chanche to build working exprience? I mean, through agency, random applying on the web, asking the trainin provider..

Sorry for all these questions, but taking this qualification is an investment.. for money and time. And I'd like to hear some your experience about that..

Thank you!! :)
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