How To gain Work Experience on a voluntary basis

Hello, I decided to change my career from science background to accountancy. I am currently studying AAT Level 2, but struggling find work experience , even on a voluntary basis. I have sent my CV and covering letters to a number of local firms . Offered to work on a voluntary basis. I did not receive any feedback. Are the firms only interested to take on apprentices? I cannot apply for apprenticeship because I have a degree. I have been looking for trainee roles, and the firms are always looking for people with some experience. How to get this experience? I have been enjoying my course, and cannot wait to work and gain experience. I have been applying to graduate roles in large companies. As it is highly competitive to get into big firms, I want to have other options available to get into the field. Unfortunately I do not know anyone who works in a firm or an accountant. I am looking opportunities in Stockton/Middlesbrough area. I would appreciate any suggestion anyone can give me.
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