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The affiliate membership fees seem very high compared to student fees. As a student I am getting reasonable value for money as I am using the study materials. When I finish L4 later this year I will have to pay £110 as an Affiliate but I will be getting fewer benefits from using the site as I won't be studying or using the learning materials. Tempting to let my membership lapse and pay the £40 reinstatement if and when I decide to go for MAAT status ....

Would be interested to hear AAT's justification for the Affiliate fees.


  • Gingerninja
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    I know this was posted a couple of years ago but I’m hoping the OP still comes online and reads this.

    I too am struggling to justify paying AAT membership fees and I was wondering if you’d noticed any negatives to not maintaining your membership?

    I appreciate this is impossible to quantify if you haven’t rejoined but any comments you can give would be very welcome.
  • Adele69
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    I am also in this position and feel a bit aggrieved, since without the online course material or the magazine it's not clear what I'm paying for. I only renewed as I hadn't put together enough evidence to complete the MAAT process - my team did not support my training so when I finished Level 4 at the end of 2017 I was stuck on how to do it. Since then I found a Council AAT representative/contact person who would sub for lack of manager support. I'm just so busy when at work I never get around to pushing this. It would have cheaper to let it lapse.
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