Umbrella Company - potential issues?

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Hi, I have a client who I started working with about 9 months ago. They were advised about a year ago to set up as a limited company (they were previously sole trader). I have recently received their latest paperwork for their quarterly accounts and they have quite a few sales invoices for an agency. I suspect that this could be either an umbrella company or a MSC . There is no sign of any PAYE. I wanted to tactfully broach the subject with my client and advise of any potential issues. Does anyone have any previous experience of this which they would be happy to share or any advice. Many thanks.


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    Most contracts these days are designed to be outside of IR35. I certainly have no clients who apply IR35. I would just ask if they are aware of it and what it means should they be investigated and deemed inside. In my opinion no need to alarm them though.

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