Financial Performance Help!!!!

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I have my last Level 4 exam on the 8th of February which is Financial Performance ( please note this is my 4th time that I sitting this exam!!) and if I pass from it I would become a fully qualified accounting technician ! Any tips how to pass this exam and any books which are the best I have BPP and Kaplan already thanks a lot!


  • Sharon123
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    You say you have BPP and Kaplan books but do you have just the course textbooks? BPP do question banks as a separate book with loads of practice questions and sample exams which I found really good for exam preparation
  • And
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    Yes I have the question banks and I did all the exercises even the practice assessments found on the aat website :) but the problem is that the exam is more different and difficult and I wish to pass this exam:). thx a lot for the help though I appreciate it :)!.
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