Certificate only has Surname???

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I'm new to the forums. Today I received through the post my certificate for passing AAT level 2 (I'm doing level 2+3 fast track) However, on the certificate it on has my surname and AAT ID and does not include my forename, neither does the cover letter that was sent with the certificate. Just seems a bit strange to me that it would not include my full name. It's like my PRMC certificate from about 8 years ago.... surname and number!! I have emailed AAT, but probably won't get a reply for "x" amount of working days but any advice would be great.

Many thanks


  • Sharon123
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    I think there must be a mistake. Your certificate should at least show your first initial as well as your surname. My full membership certificate shows my middle name too which was a bit embarrassing in my last job where we had them on the wall in the office. Have you logged in to the main AAT website and checked your details?
  • Loopster
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    Thanks for reply, Sharon.

    Yeah, all my details are correct when I log in to AAT and they were all correct when I did each of my unit assessments, so they definately know my first name! Yeah it literally just has my Surname, as does the cover letter congratulating me. At least I now know it should have my first name on too. Seemed rather odd, especially if an employer wanted evidence of qualification, that certificate could be anyone's with my Surname!
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