What should be my next step?

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Hi all,

I have qualified with level 2 booking (AAT) last summer, since then I have been stuck in my day job and finding it very hard to know what to do next. I studied at a local private school and I got no advice on jobs, careers, what i should do next etc.

I have been researching but there are so many different things, I just don't know wether I first need to study the next course before I try to apply for jobs or do I apply for jobs and study along side it? If I'm to study, do I do a course on Sage or Level 3 bookeeping/accounting? Would anyone take on me with level 2 bookkeeping?

I just really don't know which way to go, I'm very confused. I don't mind studying some more while I can at my current job but don't want it to be a waste of money and time if I would be better getting a job first? (if i can get a job-seems very hard!)

Any help and advice anyone has will be gratefully received!!

Thank you :)


  • Sharon123
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    You could do either way. Level two will have given you enough basic knowledge to apply for positions such as Purchase Ledger Clerk which should make studying easier as a you will be able to see some of what you're learning in practice. Good luck!
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