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I work for a football club who are registered as a charity and trying to find out information about what gift aid can be claimed on. The gift aid is currently claimed on the players fees at the start of the season but after hours on the HMRC website i'm no closer to finding out if additional fees could be eligable for gift aid. They often collect more fees mid-way through the season to help with training costs, pitch fees and any other expenses, it's not mandatory that all player and teams do this and there is no set amount although they do give a guideline based on forcasted expenses and what they would need to cover that. Often if there is away games they are asked to contribute towards the cost of the travel, i know this won't be eligable but could any additional money the players donate?

Has anyone else had experience with this as i'm strugling to get any advice online.

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  • kelsmick
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    The gift aid can be claimed on the fees the players pay at the start of the season. The hmrc states "To qualify for Gift Aid, charity subscription payments must be for membership only"
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