Benefits of Affiliate membership?


I am just about to finish L4 and wondering if it is worth renewing my membership of AAT next year. I'm not in an accounting role (but hoping to start to build up a practice over the next few years) and £110 for Affiliate membership seems a lot compared to £88 for student membership.

Does anyone know what happens if you let your membership lapse then apply for MAAT status? Can you just pay the reinstatement fee (£40) + membership for that year and go through the application process?

Would be interested on other people's take on this ....



  • zippi
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    No, I think if you let your student membership lapse, then you will have to pay full affiliate membership which is £140, not entirely sure of the total amount though. This was because when I finished my membership in October, I was asked to renew it to be able to sit 1 exam which was still outstanding. They give a grace period for about 2 months but if you don't renew it whilst still a student you end up paying a lot more.

    However, if you renew your membership whilst still being a student you can still be affiliate and apply for Maat status. You would be best speaking to AAT themselves.

    I hope this helps.
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