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I am close to finishing Level 4, I would like to set up my own bookkeeping business and was wondering if someone could help me with a question?

I would be working full time in my current role (initially at least until / if I get enough clients). So I would be working evening / weekends. When working for a client are these times acceptable?

Also is it acceptable to do the bookkeeping at home (i.e take the clients records offsite) or can this only be done at their premises?

Sorry if these questions seem a bit thick, this is a big step for me and I want to be able to make this change in my life and start my own business.

Thanks in advance



  • burg
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    I don't have a bookkeeping business but mroe a traditional accountancy practice set-up albeit a more modern one. Now we don't advertise bookkeeping because I don't really want that type of work. I think you may struggle somewhat if you can only take on work in the evenings and weekends in that a fair amount of bookkeeping will eb wanted on site. With Cloud bookkeeping becoming more and more popular the tradional bookkeeper working from home in my opinion is in decline. The market is likely to be more for the larger businesses that require bookkeeping onsite and analysis of clients own bookkeeping and development of that maybe into management accounts.

    Saying that my mum runs a bookkeeping company and she has over 50% of her work to do in her offices. Quite a few of these did need on site originally though to get things together and earn the trust to get it done offsite.

    Good luck

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    Thank you
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