budgeting question


Can anyone help me with the below question :

energy = 113400

revise the energy price to 2,5%
there is an allowance of energy price to 5%

The answer is : 110700 ??!


  • DaveyBoy
    DaveyBoy Registered Posts: 10

    It has been a while since I have looked at Budgeting, however I arrive at the correct answer by breaking it down like this.

    If the allowance for energy is 5%, then 113400 is equal to 105%

    Divide 113400 by 105 and then multiply it by 100 you will arrive at the original 100% amount which is 108000

    You then need to adjust your energy up 2.5% so divide 108000 by 100 and multiply it by 102.5 you will arrive at your answer of 110700

    There maybe a simpler way to calculate this but the above is the way my brain organises it.
  • Kkadijat
    Kkadijat Registered Posts: 28
    113400/105% + (2.5%)
    113400/105% =108000 ORIGINAL PRICE
    108000+2.5%= 110700 REVISED PRICE



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