Should I stay the old syllabus or new one for Level 4? How difficult is Level 4 study?

Dear all

I wonder if you can give me some suggestions.

I am currently doing Level 3 ( two exams to go). I am planning finish Level 3 at the end of March this year. As the new syllabus lunches in September 2016, I wonder if I choose old syllabus or new one for Level 4. I am a full time worker, and taking distance learning at this moment and will do the same for Level 4. My job is getting busier from June to August each year, so over the three months, I possibly don't study as much as the other months. For Level 3, I take two exams on the same day rather than one exam a day( I don't want to waste my holiday on exams!), so far so good. I passed 4 exams at the first time.

The old syllabus only lasts until Dec 2017, I did contact my tutor regarding to the new syllabus, she recommends I take the new syllabus. But when I check the new syllabus, there is a extra synoptic assessment for completing whole level. I am hesitating about it. If I choose old syllabus, there is time pressure to pass all exams at the end of December 2017. It could be very stressful.

I know it could be very personal questions, my main concern is, how difficult is level 4 study and is it possible I still take two exams on the same day? If I passed Level 3 in March and start Level 4 study in April 2016, do I have plenty of time to complete Level 4 before old syllabus ceased?

Many thanks for your help.


  • cooldog
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    I have nearly finished level 4, it has taken me about a year to do level 4 (including 2 resits), I completed level 2 & 3 in under a year combined.

    Personally I found the step up from Level 3 to Level 4 quite a shock and failed the first 2 exams I took. You have to put a lot more study into Level 4, but if you do you should not have too much of an issue with passing.

    Some of the exams you really have to think what the examiner is asking.

    I am working full time as well so only really get the weekends to study.
  • Butcha
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    Do not attempt to take two Level 4 exams in one day. That's a bad move! Failed the 3 level 4 papers 1st time now m talking them one by one!

    Budgeting exam on Friday. :'( Wish me luck
  • Red77
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    I am in the same boat. However, I have contacted AAT today and they confirm that the project for ISYS is no longer required and is replaced by a synoptic test. This is making me sway more towards the new Q2016 but still unsure
  • aatstudy
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    Thanks every one contributing your comments here. Finally, I have chosen the old syllabus to complete Level 4. I didn't know ISYS will be replaced by a synoptic test, I thought both of them will be tested in the new syllabus. To be honest, I don't know much about ISYS except 5000 words project. I was not sure the synoptic test. It might not be too complicated but as a new module, I don't know if the study providers are fully experienced with it. Anyway, I finished Level 3 and started Level 4 budgeting. I won't take two exams on the same day, felt exhausted on my last two Level 3 exams.

    @Butcha, I wish you have passed your exam!!
  • BU982T
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    aatstudy: I started Budgeting on the 4th of April and will have completed it by tomorrow. I plan on sitting this exam along with Financial Performance on the 3rd of May. I find Budgeting very straight forward, but not sure what FP is like.
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