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Hi everyone,

Would someone be kind enough to advise on fraud prevention protocol in respect of change of bank details between businesses please?

We received an email informing us of a forthcoming change of bank details for a supplier, and whilst it was genuine, I am aghast that the boss automatically took it at face value and updated the details. I was suspicious of the email and contacted the organisation concerned and asked for written confirmation.

What is regarded as 'best practice' for this type of situation?

Thank you in anticipation.

Growler Bhoy


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    This is a major issue in the Public Sector where we receive a significant number of fraudulent requests to amend our supplier bank details. Some of these requests are received on either a good quality copy of headed paper or even on genuine headed notepaper.

    On every request we receive we always phone the supplier to obtain verbal agreement. When phoning we never use the contact details noted on the request (if fraudulent, it will be the fraudster on the other end of the line) but use details already held on file or we will go to trade lists, or websites or even, anything independent of the request.

    If you receive any strange fall calls asking for data or notifying changes and you are asked to phone back on a number you know is genuine to verify the callers identity, make sure you use a different phone line. If the fraudster does not hang up the call may stay live, even though you dial a genuine phone number you will still get back to the fraudster.
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    Thanks for the advise Stevef
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