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Went into this exam really ill, which wasn't the best thing, but tried to battle in through it. I didn't find the questions too difficult but for whatever reason I failed in my time management.

Went through the 8 non-written questions about 3 times over and I'm pretty confident I've got 90-95% of all these right, however in the written portions I simply ran out of time and I know they're worth 22 marks each (28%) of the entire marks.

I ended up just adding vital information into boxes and in some boxes I had like one line written and didn't have time to double check anything. Has anyone had a similar experience and ended up passing or does anyone think judging from this it may just be enough to pass?

For example, they asked for why there was a material price variance and I just had time to put in, the variance is adverse and one possible reason for this is a change in suppliers. Would I lose massive marks for not putting workings in there and a bunch of other stuff?


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    I guess the only marks you will gain is for the correct parts for every variance and reasons and by that don't worry you cover the competence requirement :) how was the first question was it difficult this is the fourth time that I am doing it and the same question popped out in every paper :/ was it about something relating to empty boxes?:) how did you find it in general?:) and any tips which book did you use? because I have bbp Kaplan and Osborne :)
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