Spreadsheet Exam Bamboozle!

Hi there, I've just had my excel exam today and came out the exam feeling extremely deflated. I found task 1 to take me about 3 times longer than it had in the mock revision exams. Then found task 2 to be a abit of a puzzler. The exam paper said all the data in tab 2 showed the first 12 weeks of expenditure for all three areas of the business. However when I opened the tab there were only 4 weeks and this was only for 2 of the 3 areas of the business. This left me feeling panic as the data looked incomplete and I was not sure how I was suppose complete the line chart I was asked to do, showing 1 line for each of the three business areas. I made a graph using what data was there for the 2 business areas but does this mean my task is a fail? If so I find it frustrating as the exam did not reflect the mocks. I found the data provided to be muddled and incomplete whereas in the mocks this was not the case.
Has anybody else found this to be the case or did I somehow end up with a corrupt assessment file!!?


  • James_Murphy
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    Hi Parky,

    I sat my exam back in January.
    If it was the same thing, then the first question took me about an hour, and the other questions took me about another hour in total.

    If I remember correctly, the 2nd question gave you Area 1 and Area 2 data, but I think it also gave you the total value of all 3 areas. If you took the values for area 1 and 2 away from the total, you would have got the values for the missing data.

    As I've said, I took the exam back in January, so my memory of it probably isn't the best. Does any of that ring a bell?

    Regards, James
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    I sat it last year. If its of any consolation to you my entire class all came out feeling like this yet nearly all of us passed. It seems to be a unit that they dont seem to prepare you for properly in terms of mock difficulty. fingers crossed
  • Danilo13
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    I did mine yesterday. The first question was by far the most time consuming, because It requests for a spreadsheet to be built from nothing. It took me an hour, which left me with around 15 minutes to do another full task at the end, which was extremely stressful.
    Long practice sessions are important for this exam because you need to do things quickly in the spreadsheet, otherwise you will run out of time for sure.
    Parky_9 I don't think you failed task 2 because you managed to get some marks for showing your skill set in inserting a graph.
    The Osbourne book had only one practice assessment, so I bought another different book for extra practices.

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