Question on AAT level 2 Books

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I'm looking into studying level 2 by myself, and potentially take exams as an external candidate.

Now I'm looking to buy 2nd hand books for AAT level 2. I've got in touch with someone selling the full set AAT level 2 kaplan study books but the edition is 2014/2015, she's willing to sell it to me for £50 - I'm just wondering is it worth me paying for a year old edition? Would the content be sufficient enough to pass the exams in the near future or has anything changed drastically? and if it's ok, is £50 a fair price?



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    A year old isn't that old and it's up to you whether you think it's a fair price. The only thing I'd add is that the section on Settlement Discounts in the PBKT module will change... but these changes will only seen in the PBKT exam from Sept 2016. So, as long as you pass that module before Sept 2016, then the PBKT book will be fine for you and I don't think there are any changes to the other modules (other people may have more info on this).
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