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I am the book keeper for a Tenanted Office building, i have been informed that we must move out of our current dedicated office and move into an open plan / hotdesk area, which any Tenant can use at any time as can general visitors. I have explained to my Boss that having account information on my desk, whether it be bank statements, Tenants Rem Advices etc is not practical as anybody could technically walk passed and take a long look any time they want. ALos i would have to clear my desk of all paperwork anytime i was required to leave it (even to nip to the ladies room !!!). Seems to be falling on deaf ears, cost cutting and all that seems to be a priority. Just wondered if there is any legislaion in place which would aid in my arguement against this. ANy help would be most appreciated.


  • Neillaw
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    I haven't come accross any legislation, the place I'm working for at the moment have the accounts sat in the middle of an open plan office with the sales team.
    The seating arrangements are mainly down to management and they can place you where they want, logically for confideniallity you should be an office of your own but it seems to be a commercial decision.
    I would ask if you could reserve the most private desks you can within the office.
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