Looking set level 4/for sale full level 2

I'm looking for full set of level 4 books (please propose the price).
I've got 10 Level 2 Osborne books (5 text books and 5 workbooks in good condition each book £3,5 and full set £30).
I live in London so personally collection preferable. Thanks !


  • eajedwards
    eajedwards Registered Posts: 1
    Are these the newest books available? If so, I am very interested in your Level 2 books if they are still available
  • agatamfrisco
    agatamfrisco Registered Posts: 16
    I've got full set of Osborne Level 4 books to sell in a very good condition(Fin Stat, Budgeting, Fin Performance, Cash Management, Credit Control, ). 5 books for 25 pounds. Live in London- collection preferable. Thank you.
  • magdapaczoska
    magdapaczoska Registered Posts: 27
    H, thanks but I've already bought books for Level 4 ☺
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