Website - do you really need one ?

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Probably been discussed before but I'll ask anyway.

What pages on your website, or any accountancy firm's website, do you think clients actually read ? Most are often packed with similar information "about us", "services", "what we do" plus tables and links etc. All will aesthetically look different but will contain the same old stuff.

So, assuming any new client has found you on Google and then done the usual "tyre-kicking" to make sure you seem ok and then signed up for your services, how often do you think they hit your website ? If they want any info they'll just call or email right ?

We don't have one at the place I work and probably never will. All of our work comes from referrals and we seem to do ok. That's not to say I don't think we should have one - I do, if only to have an online presence and nothing more.

How do you feel about your website ? Did you design it yourself or have it professionally designed ? Does it cost you the earth or minimal cost ? Most importantly, do you feel it provides value to your business ?

The thing is, most won't find you on Google anyway unless you've paid through the roof to appear on the first few pages. If they do find your website, chances are they've already got your name from someone else, so as I said earlier, they're simply checking you out.

For most small practices, I genuinely don't know how important websites really are from a client point of view.

Buying a new car for example, like most, I'll check the local dealers websites. I see something I like, I'll either give them a call or go visit. Once I've purchased, I never look at the dealer website again even though I still may use them for servicing - I simply give them a call. I may check the website again in 3 years when I come to change.

What do you think - pointless or invaluable ?
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