Switching phone contract from personal to company

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Morning all
Just wondering if some of you have experience of switching from a personal contract to a limited company contract for their mobile phones.
I have currently 2 limited co clients who won't switch because their personal contracts include children's phones or other package and they are worried they will lose out. Other reason I suspect is that they can't be bothered or are too busy to actually discuss it with their phone companies.
I have explained the benefit of having the company paying for the mobile phone as at the moment they can only get reimbursed the business calls without incurring a taxable benefit.
I have looked on the Vodafone website but couldn't really find any useful information.
I would like to show the clients it could be a seamless process (is it?) and would be grateful for any practical advice.
Thank you


  • MarieNoelle
    MarieNoelle Moderator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,369
    Of course it is ultimately their choice, but as I have no practical experience of this I don't know how easy or not it is to switch. If I had more facts it could also help me advise future clients.

    On a side note I do not pursue the clients regarding this they are the ones complaining that they can't put the whole cost through the business.
  • Doug
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    All you need to do is call and give Ltd Company bank account details ,takes 2 minutes terms of contract do not change .I transferred my Vodaphone contract recently . I believe that applies to all mobile companies . However I am not sure whither the Childrens part is tax deductible expense so might need a journal for their cost .
    The above applies to pensions as well ,if you want an existing personal Pension to be a Company pension simply change the payment source to Limited Company .

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