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I am currently an Affiliate member, unfortunately i was made redundant last year. I am obviously trying to get almost any work i can. Does anybody know of any other ways to job search other than via Recruitment agencies, google, emailing prospective companies for work experience and so forth. Any other ideas/suggestions would be gratefully received.


  • stevef
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    Try making yourself known on Linkedin.
  • Neillaw
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    Have you looked at contract work as this would give you an income while gaining experience in different industries.
    Have you tried the local practices in your area, they might not have something themselves but may have a client with a requirement.
  • Accountsinterest
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    Thank you to you both. Will crack on with your advice.
  • Accountsinterest
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    A further thought, and this is more of a mid to long term query, what is everyone's opinion of CIMA, ACCA or ICAEW. Long term, the structure of CIMA appeals, plus of course there are the exemptions. I appreciate it's a bigger step to take in light of my current situation, but it's something to aim for.
  • CeeJaySix
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    Plenty of exemptions for ACA, and some for ACCA also, if that's a main consideration.

    Search for other threads, but in a nutshell CIMA is very industry/management accountant focussed, whereas ACA/ACCA are financial accountant qualifications - though there are plenty of ACA/ACCA in industry.

    All the qualifications are equally well regarded in the modern business world, so it comes down to your longer term aspirations.
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