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Hi all,

I've just passed my level 3, I did distance learning through my local college which was great (and convenient), however they no longer provide level 4 distance learning as the pass rate was too low.

I want to do distance learning again as I have too much going on in my life to commit to regular days/times.

An old colleague has his level 4 BPP notes which he is happy to pass my way, I want to do the 2013 standards while I still can...

So my question to you all (after a long winded intro - Sorry) is which option did you choose and why? I'm torn between BPP through a learning centre but still distance, Kaplan or self study.



  • daniel489
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    I must admit, level 4 is a huge step up from levels 2 and 3. I personally did the course through my local college doing classroom lectures, and I think for level 4 this is the best method.

    The ISYS project in particular will take quite a lot of explaining to understand it fully.
  • Sharon123
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    I did my level 4 as self study as my children were younger and my husband was often away with work so I couldn't commit to attending college. The ISYS project I believe you will need to have tutorial support but is still possible as distance learning. Sometimes buying an extra textbook from a different company can help to clarify information if you get stuck. If you have the books and are going to do it anyway you could always try working through one module and taking the sample test on the AAT website to see if you need to pay for additional support before you book an actual exam.
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