Business Tax exam appeal


I just found out that I failed the business tax exam and when looking at the results page, I strongly disagree with the results on some of the sections of the exam, has anyone appealed for an exam before? Do they give you a chance to talk through the questions answered and allow you to view them and argue the answers given?

Are aat fair, do they review the answers more carefully?

Could it be that my exam was mixed up with someone else's, has that ever happened before?




  • Larisa
    Larisa Registered Posts: 3
    Have you had any success with your appeal? I failed my last exam - business tax and I am sure it must be a mistake somewhere as I have never failed an exam before and I thought i did quite well. I am very disappointed and intend to appeal. If anyone else had a successful appeal please share.
  • j1994
    j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    I hate business tax I'm 100% sure I failed it again
  • j1994
    j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    the AAT need more resources and definitely more past papers question so we can practice through to get a understanding of the exam layouts.
  • Kami
    Kami Registered Posts: 2
    I agree we need more support and more past exam papers made available.
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