6 year career gap- advice appreciated

I was employed as a bookkeeper for 4 years and I self studied and passed level 3 AAT (I studied level 4 but failed 1 exam and never went back). My daughter was young and I decided to start my own Wedding Cake business and I left my job. 6 years later I have 2 children, my business is doing ok and growing slowly, I have a little studio I work from and I have 2 years left on my lease. BUT I am feeling very torn and I want a bit more for myself now that my children are both in school. I would love to finish AAT level 4 and become a chartered accountant and I have been thinking of distance learning.

I know I cant have it all- kids, business and a job with study but I just don't know how I can phase out my business (I have bookings up to 7 months in advance) and start my progression in accountancy with such a large employment gap. I can probably spare 1 day a week for unpaid work experience- is this easy to come by? Will I be starting from scratch or will employers consider my 4 years experience?

Any advice or help is appreciated.



  • Sharon123
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    I worked in purchase ledger for two years before having my children. I had a break from work completely for a couple of years then had a part time job in a supermarket. When I decided to go back to office work it had been seven years since working in accounts but I had no problem finding a job as an Accounts Administrator. Since then I have completed AAT and moved on. I think your past experience and qualification will certainly count in your favour. Good luck!
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