VAT on EU acquisitions

Just wandering how do you treat purchase invoices from EU, which are zero rated by seller.

Tolley guidance says:

"Box 2: VAT due (but not paid) on acquisitions from other EU
The business needs to calculate the total value of the goods purchased from vendors
located in other EU countries for the period covered by the VAT return. The value of any
services directly related to those goods (such as delivery charges) should also be included in
the calculation
The VAT due on the value of the goods acquired from other EU member states is calculated
by multiplying the total amount by the applicable UK VAT rate. Not all goods are liable to
VAT at the standard rate of VAT. If any goods are purchased liable to VAT at the reduced
rate of VAT in the UK, then the correct VAT rate should be used to calculate the VAT due on
the goods purchased. Please see the Buying goods from other EU vendors guidance note.
If the business acquires zero-rated goods (eg books, newspapers or magazines) there is no
requirement to pay acquisition tax on these items and the value of these goods should be
excluded from the calculation. See the Supplies that are zero-rated for VAT purposes
guidance note."

But technically, if you have invoice with hundreds of items, of which some would be zero rated and some are standard rated, what would you do?

Many thanks for any advise.

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