How long should I spend revising for level 4 exams?

I have failed FSTM, PTAX and BTAX
how long should I spend revising? (how long have you revised for?


  • ShortASSET
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    I am on level 3 completed level 2 and will go for level 4. I always revise until I am unable to answer a simple task to my self. I passed all my exams until now at first sometimes 2 exams at a day and I got exceptional results in many cases. Mostly the more difficult ones are the best and the less complicated the weakest.
  • Lelouch
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    Everyone is different I wouldn't put a time on revising, you are ready when you are ready. The way I passed my exams was do as many practice exams as I could and sat my exam when I could do them in my sleep. I know osbourne do exam books for each module and I assume Kaplan and BPP do as well. Good luck
  • DaveyBoy
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    Are you completing and passing the mock exams on AAT website?

    I am currently doing AAT 4 and have sat and passed these exams first time. Everyone revises different and different people require different levels of time to prepare for an exam, some prefer to do a bit every night, I personally prefer intense revision 2-3 weeks before the exam.

    I make it a bare minimum that I complete all the E Learning, I have all the Green light tests at 90% minimum and I have sat the online mock exams at least 2 times for each paper. If I was unable to pass the mock I would delay the exam.

    I also think the osbourne books assesments are very good to help you prepare and I complete these, if I have time I normally do some of the book end of chapter stuff, but not always, I will sometimes just focus on the Chapters I am struggling on with the mock.

    The Mock is the key really, it gives you the guide on which sections you are regularly failing or stuggling with knowledge and then you can use this to focus you revision.

  • Noki
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    Hi martyna96, Try using Kaplan, Bpp and Osbourne practice assessment papers. they will give you a lot of practice on possible exam questions. that's what worked for me for level 2 and 3. just starting level 4 and looking for assessment papers for Kaplan and bpp so that I can practice and book my 1st exam. all the best.
  • BU982T
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    It really depends on how you learn. I revised for all my Level 2 and Level 3 exams by simply reading my notes and/or annotations to the texts the day before my exams, but I would consider that to be on the opposite side of the spectrum for most. I would think that the best way for most would be to do as many problems and practice assessments as possible before the exam so everything is fresh.
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