Indirect Tax

Can anybody help?
I've taken the indirect tax 3 times now and failed! In each exam I've used my time wisely and went right back to the beginning and doubled checked everything! I cannot see where I am going wrong and when discussing the exam afterwards with my tutor he can't seem to see where I have gone wrong.


  • BU982T
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    That's very weird. Have you done other assessments where someone has been able to go over your work?
  • Danilo13
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    Did you check all your answers when you do practice assessments? Also make sure you do various practice assessments. For my exam preparation I've done three practice assessments from the Osbourne books and two from the AAT website (all times 2)
  • Adele69
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    How did you do on the VAT Return question? This has a large proportion of marks so getting familiar with what goes in each of the 9 boxes will really help with getting enough marks.

    I also found in the exam that while there is a lot of reference material on the different schemes, penalties, etc that learning these schemes, the limits does save a lot of time. I also double checked my calculations but didn't go back over questions (unlike Professional Ethics where I had to go back over earlier missed questions).

    I've rubbished the BPP books this year but on VAT admit they were pretty thorough on the topic. I didn't get any surprises on the exam.
  • JRowan
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    I've done practice assessments and had my tutor look over them and they were all fine. My VAT returns have been good, I just don't see what's wrong.
  • rakeshsuwal
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    Do the green lights to help you more.
  • soroem1
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    This may not help at all JRowan, though I went through exactly the same problem last summer - and it turned out it was a computer error.

    Only after booking my third ITAX exam did I receive a call from my learning centre's booking staff to say I had a PASS already on record. Massively frustrating as I had spent the summer re-revising whilst on holiday. ITAX on a beach! Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    You may wish to check directly with your learning centre and AAT to see what they have on record for you.
  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal LondonRegistered Posts: 79
    Task 6 is the most important. If you fail in that task, most likely you will fail itax.
  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal LondonRegistered Posts: 79
    English is 2nd language to me. I almost had issue in understanding some of the questions from task 1 to 4. Luckily I succeed and got 100%. One of my friend got task 4 and 6 wrong and she failed. So be careful in task 6.
  • akilahdale
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    Wish I could offer you more than just good luck but I've got mine in 2 weeks and PETH the week before it. BRICKING IT! I hope the 4th times charm for you!
    Can anyone tell me if the reference material is as extensive in the exam as it is in the Kaplan ITAX textbook? It seems to give all the answers away. :/
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