AQ2013 to AQ2016 transfer dilemma! HELP!!!!!!

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I have a huge problem, I'm 16 years old currently studying AAT level 3 and I am hoping to finish it by June 2016. However I am in quite a big dilemma as I am going to wait until two years before I start studying level 4 (why? well its a long story but don't worry, during these two years I will be working voluntarily in an accounting practice).

But lets say if this were to happen and it comes to the end of them two years (it would be 2018 then) and I wanted to start studying AAT level 4. Would my AAT level 3 still be of use to me and hold its value??

The reason I ask is because AAT have said clearly that anyone on AQ2013 have to complete it by 2013 which is confusing for me because of the situation that I am currently in.

Thank you


  • clees
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    you have to complete AQ2013 by September 2016.
    and your qualification will still stand!

    just because they update their course doesn’t make your qualification void! if it did every person who ever sat aat would have to resist every time they updated the course.

    imp in the same sort of situation as you.
    I am just about to finish L2 and go onto L3 in September.

    i have also bene told that the new course (2016 standard) will l be marked pass merit or distinction instead of the competent not competent as it is now.
    thus making more competition for jobs.
    if one person have passed with all distinctions and one has passed with 'passes' who do you think is more likely to get the job?
  • bobbynailer
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    Thank you very much for clearing that up for me.

    I personally think your totally right about the p m d concept, however I was told that when comparing the new qualifictaion to A level the P will be equivalent to a B the M will be equivalent to an A, the D will be equivalent to an A* and the D* will be advanced.
  • bobbynailer
    bobbynailer Registered Posts: 21
    But then again when u think about it is normally quite difficult for a lot of people to get higher than 80 percent so I think when it comes to next year in the new qual not a lot of people will have higher than a merit
  • Adele69
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    I think if I read the notes correctly there would also be an additional exam covering all the topics of whatever level you were studying, which is an added and unwelcome worry, particularly at level 4 where I know a lot of people who found some papers a lot tougher than levels 2 and 3.

    I'm on the opposite end, assuming I complete level 3 in July I will be 47 and working in an area where some accounting knowledge is useful but not directly in accountancy. It is one where I might need to do more programming study just to keep up though. I had thought of taking a year out but from what I've read of AQ2016 would rather do the 2013 standard and get it completed.
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