When do you become a Qualified accountant?

Im currently an apprentice for an accountancy firm and doing AAT level 3 and was wondering when I become a 'Qualified account'. At what level would I achieve this? Level 4? or higher?


  • CeeJaySix
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    This has been discussed many times in the past - 'accountant' is not a protected term as I understand it, so anyone can call themselves one, qualified or not.

    Personally I never referred to myself as qualified until I passed ACA (replace with ACCA/CIMA/CiPFA etc). Once you become MAAT in my opinion at least you are a qualified accounting technician, rather than a qualified accountant.

    There are of course old and bold around who are qualified by experience rather than a formal qualification - but I would still hesitate to refer to them as a 'qualified' accountant, which implies you have passed a recognised accountancy qualification.
  • Nps
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    I agree. I have nearly finished ACCA and wouldn't dream of calling myself a qualified accountant, because in my opinion, I am not one. I am AAT qualified but I think the clue as to what I can call myself is in the name - Association of Accounting Technicians. That said, even when I am qualified there will be plenty of AAT qualified people who will still know far more than me, but my feeling is that without that formal qualification, they are still not qualified accountants.

    I'm sure people will disagree with me, but that's my opinion anyway. You couldn't call yourself a doctor or a lawyer without the specific formal qualification, regardless of how good you are or how much you know, so I liken it to that.

    I do believe that 'accountant' should be a protected term to avoid confusion.
  • Sharon123
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    I am a MAAT, CIMA pq and QBE having worked in accounts for a long time. My job title at my last place of work was Accountant, so I did call myself an accountant but never a qualified accountant.
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