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I'm struggling to revise for my Professional Ethics exam, any ideas?

I'm revising for my PETH exam and every time I think I've covered everything a random questions pops up and stumps me. Does anyone have any revision tips they can offer/areas I should be focusing on more than others for the purposes of the exam?

Also, is the bulk of the exam regurgitating definitions or multiple choice?

Sorry if this is not what this forum is for, I'm just really struggling and I'm worried I'm going to fail!

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  • akilahdaleakilahdale Registered Posts: 28
    Ooh thanks for that acronym, that's really useful! I'll give bullet points a go.

    Thanks for your help, good luck to you too. :-)
  • GeorgiaHGeorgiaH AAT Student Posts: 107
    edited April 2016
    PIPCO is great to remember, really helps a lot as in 90% of the questions you need to refer to one of them.

    Another good acronym to remember is ASIFS

    They should help you answer your questions giving you more to write about - I just made sure I wrote as much as I could remember for each question if they asked for two problems I would give them 3 just in case ha ha :) Good luck!
  • akilahdaleakilahdale Registered Posts: 28
    @GeorgiaH that's a great one! Thanks :)
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