Study buddies to pass exam I don't have motivation.

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Hi everyone,

I'm Sam I'm currently studying AAT Level four, I have a few months until I complete this course I have four exams left credit control, financial statements, financial performance, and cash management, I'm really struggling I would love if someone out there is studying there or have done the course would like to help me out preparing myself for the exams helping me etc, I'm from the uk West Midlands, I don't mind online helpers please email me if u can.

I passed my budgeting first time I failed financial statements I've handed my project in, so my next exam is credit control in April then I'm going to book financial statements for May and then I have two exams in June financial performance and cash management, I'm really struggling.



  • ChrisJ30
    ChrisJ30 MAAT Posts: 93 New contributor ?
    I took the financial statements exam last week. It is a tough one. So many IAS's to remember
  • melinda_m
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    Hi Sam, I'm on L4 too and have the same problem - missing motivation. what I have is frustration. I'm studying budgeting at the moment but haven't booked the exam yet. There is one part i'm really not comfortable with. And there ISYS too to think about ... maybe we can help each other. :)
  • Mikepullen
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    Im self studying after work, and yes, L4 is quite a bit harder than L3 - im sure that getting the BPP question banks and the Kaplan revision guides has helped me i.e. do as many past papers as possible so that when you hit the exam you will think "ah yes I remember doing a practice question just like this".
    Also, dont get overwhelmed by the size of the remaining task - just keep taking one step, one chapter at a time
  • missasc
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    Hi Sam, I'm currently working my way through the same units as you-passed CRDC, BDGT exam this week followed by FPFM, FSTM, CSHM then ISYS!
    I took the CRDC exam in March (passed!) & as far as exams go, it really was ok. As long as you have a good understanding of the ratios & can discuss the results of the ratios in the written sections you should hopefully be fine with it. I found it quite useful to read over the answers from the question bank (myaat) to get an idea of what kind of things they want in the written answers,mainly for key words.
    I'm studying with bpp at the mo but I've found that some of their questions are just too hard/tricky & it really does knock my motivation & confidence, the aat past papers are a bit better if you can give them a try first & work your way up?!
    Good luck! :-)
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