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Hi guys,

My last Level 3 exam was Cost and Revenues so I had initially planned on starting with Budgeting and Financial Performance, but I'm considering doing Personal Tax and Business Tax first. My only concern (with either option really) is do they overlap with any of the other units? I'm using BPP texts and Personal Tax and Business Tax are the thinner texts of the bunch and I would be able to get through them quickly and feel like I'm getting somewhere. I'm not in the mood to go through a thick text to start with to be honest.

Can anyone advise whether starting off with Personal Tax and Business Tax is a good idea?



  • Mikepullen
    Mikepullen Registered Posts: 4
    I cant comment on Personal or Business Tax L4 modules yet but.....

    I finished L3 last summer and I'm 3 modules into L4
    I have done Financial Statements, Budgeting and the project. I would say that L4 Budgeting uses some knowledge from the Cost&Revenues L3 module. L4 Financial Performance (which I am just starting) uses learnings from L3 C&R AND L4 Budgeting i.e. there is a lot of cross-over between these 3 modules so you might want to consider this when deciding on study order.
    L4 Financial Statements uses some learnings from L3 Preparation of Final Accounts for Sole Traders, but is mainly new stuff.
    Hope this helps
  • BU982T
    BU982T Registered Posts: 40
    Hi Mike. I've decided to stick to my original plan. You're definitely right about the overlap with Level 3 for Budgeting. At the pace I've been going through it I'll be done by the end of the week! And hopefully be sitting the exam for this unit along with Financial Performance mid-May. So far looking good..
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