AAT Level 4 - Do I need a training provider? Is it compulsery

I have been looking all over the internet for an answer to this question and so far I haven't been successful in getting a straight answer. Is it possible to do my AAT Level 4 by myself buying the books and then just book and attend the exams when I am ready? If anyone has any experience with this or knows the answer please let me know!

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  • harrydavies18
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    Lelouch said:

    the only unit you need a training provider for is ISYS. you can self study everything else

    Thank you :)
  • k4pz
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    I studied AAT level 2 part time evenings (2 evenings per week)
    Level 3 I studied part time evenings (2 evenings per week)
    Level 4 I studied solo, brought the books, did the practice exams and passed every exam first time except Personal Tax due to lack of practice exams, switched p.tax to Auditing and passed first time.
    The ICAS project you will need a mentor, which you have to pay for.
    Definitely do-able, much faster and much cheaper!

    I'm on ACCA F4 now sitting my exam Apr 13th 2016

    The only question you have ask yourself is do you have the motivation to keep studying on your own accord.
  • BU982T
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    Good luck on your first ACCA exam!
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