ACCA after AAT 4...

Hi guys,

so I'm currently doing AAT 4 and self teaching whilst doing my masters degree. I'm thinking about ACCA afterwards and i am aware that AAT exempts you from the first 3 exams, leaving 9 in total left to sit?

Is ACCA completely distance learning or is it mainly provided through a training provider like AAT?



  • Nps
    Nps Registered Posts: 782
    There are 14 ACCA exams in total - AAT used to get you 3 exemptions but I seem to remember that there was some discussion about this changing but I don't know any more than that. I'm sure the ACCA website will confirm either way.

    You can self study ACCA, or use a training provider for classroom sessions or distance learning.
  • BU982T
    BU982T Registered Posts: 40
    It still exempts you from three exams - F1 - F3. There is also a professional ethics module on top of the 11 exams.
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