Level 2 before Level 3

Hi All,

I know this is something that has been asked several times however here goes. I'm self studying Level 2 and advised ICS Learn that whilst I have not intention of taking the Level 2 exams I believe I have the necessary experience behind me backed up with my self study to move onto level 3.

The response I got was "I am afraid that you will have to sit all of the level 2 exams or you will not be able to move onto the Level 3, this is a requirement of AAT".

Is this ICS being particularly tight?

Thanks in advance.



  • James_B
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    Hi Max, that isn't correct, you are able to take any level that you think is best and which meets your requirements. You can do a Skill check to see which level would be most appropriate for you: http://aatskillcheck.org/home.aspx

  • rakeshsuwal
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    Yes it is possible to start from level 3. May not be from level 4, but like James said, if you do the skill check, it will help you know your own strength. Again if it was me, even if I fail skill check I would do some more self study and focus on level 3 rather than 2.
  • Sharon123
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    I started straight in at Level 3, if you have a good understanding of the Level 2 material and satisfy the skills check you shouldn't have to sit the exams
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