Can anyone please assist with Q3 of Sample Assessment 2 - Budgeting

Getting in a right pickle with this question, wish the answers explained how it was done! Thanks


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    Hi enm1976 you might bet a better response if you post the question as not everyone on the forums has access to the study support pages.

  • batouray
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    Question 3 is a pregnant Q? which of the two do you need the answer for or all
  • batouray
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    As there are 17,400 units in production each unit requires 4kg therefore the total kg used will be 17400 X 4=69600kg and the difference of this with the sub-total is the closing inventory valued at the budgeted purchase price which is £1.5 (£105,000/70,000kg). These are answers for the materials budgeted cost.
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