How to complete LEVEL 4 project in one month?

I really need some help to get some motivation how to write this project. Only one month left and I still did not complete introduction and main part .. People please help me!

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    I did A to Z Vehicle Hire and I didn't enjoy it at all. Have you spoke to your training provider about it? I was struggling in the beginning so met with my tutor for ten minutes and she gave me some excellent tips as I couldn't make head nor tale of the mapping document. Have you looked at the checklist on the AAT website for the ISYS project?
    I handed mine in last Monday but not heard anything back from tutor as yet but I had until 19th April to get the first draft in. There is also a ISYS webinar on the AAT website as well which may help you. I read through the scenario numerous times and used different highlighting pens to mark Weaknesses, strengths, fraud, ethics and sustainability then I did an organisational chart of how the company was staffed by departments/people. I had numerous sleepless nights over it. I spread it out over a number of days and worked on a different part each time I was working on it. Once you get your introduction out of the way you will find it easier and do your mapping document as you go.
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    I am hosting a free Q & A session this evening at 7pm on the ISYS in partnership with Premier Training. Why not join in and see if it may help? to access this free event join

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