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Hi all,

I was just looking for some advice from people really.

I have recently completed Level 2 of AAT and ready to move onto Level 3. The dilemma I have is whether to self study, buy the relevant books and study that way or use the way I did for Level 2 by going through a training provider (this being Kaplan). Kaplan's resources were fantastic and I would recommend them to other people, but I am just wondering seen as I passed each Level 2 exam first time whether I can rely on the text books themselves as well as AAT online resources for free on Level 3 and not have to pay extra per month again for the training provider. Have people gone down this route before and has it been successful for them? And which books should I be looking for/to buy? Kaplan?

Also were I to go down the route of self study would I still be able to book an exam from Kaplan's website at my local exam centre as I did before even if I am not with them as a training provider?

Many Thanks



  • glennd1986
    glennd1986 Registered Posts: 6
    Hi Rosie Jane,

    Congratulations on completing Level 3 yourself!

    That's great, many thanks for your advice. I think in this case I will buy the books. Would you definitely recommend the Osborne books? Which one's do I need to look for for Level 3?

    Makes my life easier as well knowing that I can just book as an external candidate. Yes, like yourself I find it much easier to study in my own time. I'm sure you will pass Level 4 without any problems.

    Hi Girlietype, in answer to your question it took me just under a year to pass Level 2, but that was only because I have been quite busy this last year. However, if you put your mind to it you could very easily pass Level 2 in around 6 months. I am looking at that time frame 6-8 months to pass Level 3.
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