Please help as I cannot log in to AAT on google chrome. It says there is an error too many redirects

Please advise how to access AAT on google chrome. Have used before but will not let me access now. Comes up saying the page is not working and that it redirected you too many times. This is really frustrating and preventing me from accessing resources which are necessary.


  • g_bonsor
    g_bonsor Registered Posts: 26 New contributor 🐸
    It may be that google chrome does not support the website. I have had trouble accessing AAT via google chrome previously. Have you tried using internet explorer instead?
  • James_B
    James_B Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered, Tutor Posts: 33
    Hi are you still having trouble with this? Google Chrome should not be a problem for the website, it may be that you need to clear your cookies and browsing history.
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