Self Assessment

Hi All,

Sorry to bring up the issue of self-assessment again but I have been unable to find a post relating to what I am about to ask.

A family friend has asked if I can complete their self-assessment. I would not be charging them to complete their self-assessment due to the following reasons. I have completed Level 3 and only need to pass Financial Statements and BTAX in order to compete Level 4. Due to this I am not a MIP, nor do I have insurance etc.

I suppose it would be assisting them rather than completing it for them. The person does not keep their book either, so what would be the best way to complete the assessment without software.

If the answer is that I cannot and should not be helping them with their return, where does this leave me for completing my wife's return. My wife is looking to become self-employed over the coming months.

Many Thanks.


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